In 2014, Saint Lucia was the first country in the Caribbean to participate in an Open Data Readiness Assessment (ODRA). Currently, data which is shared in the public domain are done so in various formats which often restrict the re-use and/or access to data. In many instances, data is only available upon request; making it difficult for the public, external agencies and even other governmental agencies to access. This also means that it is difficult for users to determine what data is held by which agencies and makes responding to individual data requests burdensome. Our Open Data Programme will proactively compile and present machine readable data on a central platform for reference and provide a hub for all data made available by government. 

This involves a cross-government policy on sharing of data in the public domain and the promotion of Open data throughout all sectors. Further, it outlines the plan to populate a robust National Open data portal with data which is already collected and held within government agencies; and to promote the proper use of open data throughout all sectors.

The aim is to provide a cross-government approach to sharing data held within its various agencies, as well as a commitment to encouraging and supporting open data in all sectors.

The specific objectives of the Saint Lucia Open Data Programme are as follows:

  1. Stimulate Economic Growth and Business Innovation
  2. Improve and sustain good governance based on integrity, transparency and accountability. 
  3. Increase Government efficiency and effectiveness
  4. Improve public services provided to citizens