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Managing National Statistics - Central Statistics Office Feature

The CSO is the principal data collecting, processing and disseminating agency responsible for coordinating, monitorin

Tourism Data - Saint Lucia Tourism Authority Feature

The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority collects a range of data on the industry.

Data Serving Consumers - Consumer Affairs Department

The Consumer Affairs Department (CAD), in the Ministry of Commerce, is responsible for promotion and protection of th

Data for Audits

The Office of the Director of Audit is an independent constitutional office.

Data for App Developers - The Saint Lucia Open Source Community

On June 5th to 7th 2018, a bootcamp was held to equip persons with basic data literacy to help them understand and in

Data For Standards - The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards

The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) is a statutory body, whose mandate is defined by the Standards Act No.

Data For Agriculture

The Annual Agricultural Review is a publication of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Production, Fisheries and Rural

The Importance of Weather Data - Met Service Feature

The Met services collects a wealth of data in the execution of their duties. This data is of extreme importance to a range of agencies, particularly in the areas of marine, aviation, agriculture and disaster management.

Data for Managing Disasters - NEMO

The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) is part of a larger network with a key responsibility to ensure

Data in Education

The Department of Education produces an Annual Education Digest in which a wealth of data is presented about the education system in Saint Lucia.