Data Serving Consumers - Consumer Affairs Department

The Consumer Affairs Department (CAD), in the Ministry of Commerce, is responsible for promotion and protection of the rights of consumers in Saint Lucia. The Consumer Protection guidelines adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1985, provides the Department with a framework to ensure that consumers are treated safely, fairly and honestly within the marketplace.

Additionally, the Department is mandated to control and monitor the prices and distribution of controlled goods in accordance with the Distribution and Price of Goods Act No. 35 of 2006 and Price Control Order No. 54 of 2008. Among these goods include basic food items, school text books, cement and petroleum products. It is also tasked with the procurement and distribution of bulk rice, flour and sugar through the operations of the Government Supply Warehouse.

Another key responsibility of the Department involves the collection and disseminate information on the retail prices of controlled goods to consumers through various media. In keeping with the petroleum pass through pricing mechanism, changes in the retail prices of petroleum products are published in the gazette and online media platforms every three weeks.

Data from sources such as the Ministry of Finance are used in by the Consumer Affairs Department.

Acknowledgements: Ms Giselle JnBaptiste, Mr Marvin St. Louis, Ministry of Commerce